Modi visited 66 countries in 10 years | Why did PM Modi go to Italy on his first tour: Visited 66 countries in 10 years, suddenly reached Pakistan; Became the PM who visited China the most

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“I am delighted to be travelling to Italy on my first visit of the term.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this on June 13 before leaving for the G7 summit. In his last two terms, the Prime Minister had always chosen his neighbouring countries for his first visit. When he became Prime Minister for the first time in 2014, he went on a foreign tour to Nepal. When he became Prime Minister for the second time, he went to Maldives.

This time he chose the western country Italy. Why did Prime Minister Modi, who follows the policy of 'Neighborhood First', do this?

Whether by visiting Pakistan in 2015 or by inviting Xi Jinping to India in 2019, Modi has surprised the country with his foreign policy in every tenure. Know in this story how Modi's foreign visits were in 10 years…

According to former ambassador Ashok Sajjanhar, when Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister for the first time in 2014, it was believed that foreign policy would be the weakest link in his power. However, this did not happen. The Neighborhood First Policy and the government's strong stand in the Russia-Ukraine war proved Modi to be a better leader in foreign affairs as well.

After taking oath in 2014, he visited Nepal. Despite being a neighbouring country, no Indian PM had visited Nepal for 17 years. Modi also strengthened relations with the Gulf countries. He became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit UAE after 30 years.

Modi visited China 5 times in his first term. He is the Indian Prime Minister who has visited China the most number of times. Despite this, China spoiled the relations between the two countries by intruding in Galwan in 2020. However, Sajjanhar believes that this cannot be called a failure of Modi's foreign policy. This is a mistake made by China.

The government has not even proved its majority yet, then why is PM Modi going to Italy?
Foreign affairs expert Professor Rajan Kumar says that the biggest reason for choosing Italy is the G7 summit. India has been continuously participating in the meetings of this block. This time G7 is being held in Italy. That is why Modi is going there.

G7 is a platform where India gets a chance to present its views in front of the richest and most developed countries of the world. In such a situation, going there is important for India's foreign policy. This is a big reason why Modi is visiting Italy even before proving his majority.

Challenges of Modi Government's Foreign Policy
India's growing stature around the world and its assertive foreign policy have been seen as the major achievements of the Modi government. However, India's relations with China have been tense in recent years. It started with the clash between the soldiers of the two countries in the Galwan Valley. 20 Indian and 4 Chinese soldiers were killed in this. Last month, PM Modi broke his silence on relations with China. He said that the long-standing situation between the two countries on the borders needs to be resolved immediately.

India also has tense relations with Canada. Canada accused the Indian government of killing Khalistani Hardeep Singh Nijjar. After this, the US also accused Indian officials of trying to kill Sikh separatist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu. Investigations are underway in both cases. This has damaged the country's image.

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