Ukraine Russia Drone Attack Photos; Sukhoi-57 | Astrakhan Airbase | Ukraine destroys Sukhoi-57 after entering Russia: NATO calls this fighter jet a killer; Satellite images show damage to the airbase

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On June 8, the Ukrainian army shot down a Russian fighter plane Sukhoi-57 with the help of a drone. - Dainik Bhaskar

On June 8, the Ukrainian army shot down a Russian Sukhoi-57 fighter jet with the help of a drone.

Amid the Russia-Ukraine war, the Ukrainian army said on Sunday (June 9) that it had destroyed a military base inside the Russian border. According to American media house CNN, in this attack, Russia's newest and most advanced fighter aircraft Sukhoi-57 was shot down by the Ukrainian army with the help of a drone.

The Ukrainian army carried out this attack on the airbase of Astrakhan city of Russia, which is 600 kilometers away from the battle field. Su-57 is one of the most powerful fighter aircraft in the world, whose speed is 2,130 kilometers per hour. How powerful this fighter jet is can be estimated from the fact that NATO calls Sukhoi a Felon i.e. killer.

Satellite images of the attack have also surfaced, in which Su-57 was seen at Astrakhan airbase on June 7, but fire and smoke were seen rising from the same place on June 8. The attack was so terrible that only craters are visible around.

This satellite image is from June 7 and 8, showing signs of attack.

This satellite image is from June 7 and 8, showing signs of attack.

Russia has 32 Sukhoi-57 fighter jets
According to Euro News, Russia has only 32 Su-57 fighter jets. Russian President Vladimir Putin has set a goal of building 76 Su-57s by 2028.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday (8 June) that three Ukrainian drones had entered its city of Astrakhan. The Russian army had shot down these drones. However, the ministry did not say anything about the attack on the Su-57.

Ukraine is using Western weapons against Russia
Russia had intensified attacks in Kharkiv from May 10. After this, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had sought permission from the US and Western countries to use the weapons given by them against Russia. Then on May 31, US President Joe Biden gave Ukraine permission to use its weapons against Russia.

Now the Ukrainian army is trying to push the Russian army back from its borders with the help of weapons from Western countries. On Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron also announced to give Ukraine its powerful fighter aircraft Mirage in the war against Russia.

The French President had said that if needed, we will send troops to Ukraine
In fact, French President Emmanuel Macron had said last month that if Ukraine asked for help, he could send his troops there. Just a day after this, British Foreign Minister David Cameron also said that if Ukraine wanted, it could use British weapons to attack Russia.

Russia opposed both these statements. After this, President Putin warned the countries supplying arms to Ukraine on 28 May. Putin claimed that mercenaries from Western countries are fighting in Ukraine and France is sending most of them. Under the guise of these mercenaries, experts are also present there, who are helping Ukraine.

Putin's warning to pro-Ukraine countries – they will have to face serious consequences
Putin has ordered his army to conduct nuclear weapons drills. He also threatened Western countries that if Ukraine attacks Russia using weapons from any country, that country will have to face severe consequences.

Earlier in March, the French President had refused to rule out the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine. Speaking to French newspaper La Parisien, Macron had said that I will not initiate this, but we need to conduct a ground operation in Ukraine to drive out the Russian army. But France has the strength to do so (enter the war).

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