Six days after BJP's win, Pakistan PM congratulates Narendra Modi | 6 days after the results, Pakistan congratulates Modi: PM Shahbaz wrote – Congratulations on taking oath; Earlier he had said – will say something only after the government is formed

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has received congratulations from Pakistan 6 days after the election results. Pakistan's Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif congratulated Modi in one line and wrote, 'Congratulations to Narendra Modi for taking oath as the Prime Minister of India.'

Shahbaz Sharif returned to Pakistan from his China tour on Saturday. Earlier, when asked about the election results in India, Pakistan's Foreign Ministry had said that we will wait for the government to be formed. We will say something only after that.

Shahbaz Sharif's post on Modi's swearing in

Shahbaz Sharif's post on Modi's swearing in

'India made a wrong statement, we remain responsible'

On the new government in India, Pakistan had said that it wants good relations with all the neighbouring countries. It is ready to resolve any dispute through dialogue. Pakistan's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mumtaz Zehra Baloch had said on Friday, “Despite the rhetoric from India and all the difficulties, we have adopted a responsible attitude.”

Mumtaz further said, “We are ready to resolve all issues with India, including the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, through dialogue. We believe in moving forward together in a peaceful manner. We hope that India will also try to resolve the problems through dialogue to maintain peace between the two countries.”

Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mumtaz Zehra Baloch has said that it is hoped that India will also take necessary steps for peace between the two countries.

Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mumtaz Zehra Baloch has said that it is hoped that India will also take necessary steps for peace between the two countries.

'India-Pakistan relations have a special history'
In the last 4 months, different ministers of Pakistan have made statements several times about improving relations with India. In April, Defense Minister Khawaja Asif had expressed hope that the relations between the two countries will improve after the Lok Sabha elections in India are over. He had said that India-Pak relations have a special history. In such a situation, the situation is expected to change after the elections.

Earlier on March 23, Pakistan's Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar had said that Pakistan's business community wants to resume trade with India. The government will take a decision after reviewing all the proposals in consultation with people involved in the matter.

PAK minister had said- Modi must be defeated, this will improve India-Pakistan relations
On the other hand, just a few days before the results of the Lok Sabha elections were announced, former Pakistani minister Fawad Chaudhary had said that he wanted Narendra Modi to lose the elections. Fawad had said that everyone in Pakistan wants this. India-Pakistan relations will improve only when extremism in both countries will reduce.

Fawad further said that in India, RSS and BJP are continuously spreading hatred for Pakistan in the hearts of people. Narendra Modi's thinking is radical. It is very important that he is defeated. Whoever defeats him, whether it is Rahul, Kejriwal or Mamta Banerjee, our best wishes are with them.

Indo-Pak relations worsened after the removal of Article 370
The central government of India removed Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir on 5 August 2019. Under this article, Jammu and Kashmir was given special status. After its abolition, relations between India and Pakistan had deteriorated a lot.

At that time, Imran Khan was the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He had said that until Article 370 is not restored in Jammu and Kashmir, there will be no talks with India.

On the other hand, India had also said that there is no question of talks until action is taken against the terrorists. Since then, for four years, Pakistan has been organising protests against India on 5 August across the country.

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