Justin Trudeau congratulates Narendra Modi on win, mentions 'rule of law, human rights', | Modi's reply to Trudeau's congratulations after 4 days: Canadian PM had written – will work on human rights; Modi said – we have to understand each other's concerns

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  • Justin Trudeau Congratulates Narendra Modi On Win, Mentions 'Rule Of Law, Human Rights',

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau during the G20 Summit. - Dainik Bhaskar

PM Narendra Modi with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau during the G20 Summit.

Narendra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister of India for the third time on Sunday. He has been receiving many congratulations since winning the election. Modi is accepting them and also responding to them. Yesterday, Prime Minister Modi accepted a congratulations after 4 days. This congratulations was from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who had accused India of killing Nijjar.

Trudeau had congratulated Modi on winning the election on June 6. He had written- Canada is ready to work with PM Modi's government to strengthen the relations between the two countries. We will work on human rights, diversity and rule of law. Modi responded to this yesterday, 4 days later.

Modi's reply to Trudeau's tweet

Modi's reply to Trudeau's tweet

'Ready to work with Canada'
Responding to Trudeau's message, Modi wrote, “Thank you Trudeau for your greetings. India stands ready to work with Canada with mutual understanding and respect for each other's concerns.”

In fact, India has been constantly objecting to the anti-India activities happening in Canada. Whereas Canada does not take action against them in the name of freedom of expression. Through his answer, Modi has again tried to reiterate that Canada and India will have to understand each other's concerns to improve relations.

This conversation between Trudeau and Modi took place at a time when just a few days ago the Canadian parliamentary panel had described India as the second biggest threat to it.

Trudeau was stuck in India for two days, accused India of killing Nijjar

The picture is of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's plane standing on the runway in New Delhi.

The picture is of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's plane standing on the runway in New Delhi.

Khalistani terrorists were continuously holding anti-India rallies in Canada. Despite India repeatedly objecting to these rallies, Canada was not taking any action. Due to this, relations between the two countries started deteriorating. Then in September 2023, the G20 summit was held in India. Trudeau also came to India for this. However, due to the controversy over Khalistanis, he appeared isolated in almost all the events of G20. He did not even attend the G20 dinner. No deal could be reached between the two countries regarding trade.

Trudeau had to return to Canada immediately after the summit ended. Despite this, he was stuck in India for 2 days. The reason for this was a technical fault in his plane. On this, India offered its IAF One plane to Trudeau, but Canada refused to accept it.

A second plane was called from Canada for Trudeau, but for some reason it was diverted mid-way. It could not reach India on time. Finally, Trudeau was able to return to his country only after 36 hours when the damaged plane was repaired.

Just 8 days after returning from the G20 summit, Trudeau accused India in his Parliament for killing Khalistani terrorist Nijjar. This further deteriorated the relations between the two countries.

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