Pakistan Balochistan Mining, Terrorists, BLA-TTP | Terrorists in Pakistan are getting more salary than security personnel: Government is giving weekly payment to terrorists for the security of mines, these include BLA, TTP

Pakistan may be making big promises to China to provide security for running projects in its country, but the ground reality is something else. The government of Balochistan state of Pakistan is not able to provide security to its mining industry. To save the mining industry, it is paying ‘hafta’ to terrorist organizations.

The government is paying money to the banned terrorist group Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) so that they do not attack the employees of mining companies. Actually, there are large deposits of coal in Hamai, Degari, Mach, Ziarat, Chamlang and Abegam in Balochistan province.

There is an estimated 210 million tonnes of coal here. The 60 km long Chamlang coal mines located here contain coal ranging from high volatile C bituminous to high volatile A bituminous, whose reserves are 60 lakh tonnes.

Balochistan Liberation Army fighters. (File)

Balochistan Liberation Army fighters. (File)

There are 3 thousand mines in Balochistan, 40 thousand people are getting employment
The Pakistan government is engaged in collusion with terrorist organizations in the name of providing security to mining companies. The mining sector is a major contributor to Balochistan’s economy. There are more than 3 thousand coal mines here. Where more than 40 thousand workers work. It is worth mentioning that Pakistan produces 45.06 lakh tonnes of coal every year and ranks 34th in the world.

The government is giving more money to BLA than the security forces
About 200-250 trucks of coal leave Chamlang mines every day for different parts of the country. Coal is being sold at a price of Rs 4000-4500 per tonne. Sources said that the Balochistan government gets only Rs 360 for every tonne mined from coal mines.

The paramilitary force Frontier Corps is paid Rs 240 per tonne for protecting the mines. Whereas, the banned militant organization Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) is paid Rs 260 per tonne for not attacking the mines and trucks carrying mined minerals. This amount is given to BLA through bank account.

On the other hand, another banned organization Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is given another 60 rupees for not attacking the mines. However, the Pakistan government denies making such arrangements with banned groups like BLA and TTP, which have now spread across Balochistan after forming an alliance with Baloch terrorist groups.

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