Russian President Vladimir Putin Daughter Photos; Maria Katerina | Business Summit | Both daughters of Putin were seen at the Economic Summit in Russia: Gave speech on defense and science, America had banned both of them in 2022

Putin’s eldest daughter Maria Vorontsova attended the event as a speaker for the first time. (AFP)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has two daughters. Maria Vorontsova (39) and Katerina Tikhonova (37). They are counted among the richest girls in Russia. Both of them look after the work related to the Presidential Palace in Russia.

According to CNN, Putin’s daughters are rarely seen in public. Meanwhile, both of them participated in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. This is being discussed a lot in the Western media.

According to Russian media house Novaya Gazeta Europe, both of Putin’s daughters have previously taken part in the annual St Petersburg Forum but only his younger sister Katerina has been a speaker so far.

Putin’s younger daughter Katerina attended the event virtually. (AFP)

Putin’s younger daughter Katerina works in tech support for Russia’s defense sector. She joined the program virtually. In her address, she talked about things related to the defense sector. She talked about strengthening military technology and emphasized on eliminating the import of technology.

Putin’s eldest daughter Maria Vorontsova was personally present at the event. Maria Vorontsova is a researcher in the endocrinology department at the Russian Ministry of Health. Endocrinology is research on hormones. In her speech, Vorontsova talked about biotechnology and bioproduction.

The US had imposed a ban on Putin’s two daughters after the Russia-Ukraine war began. The US believed that Putin had accumulated a lot of property abroad in the name of his children. The ban will affect Putin financially.

Putin’s opposition leader in Russia, Alexei Navalny, died in jail in February this year. Before dying, he had claimed that Russian President Putin’s elder daughter Maria Vorontsova earned more than $10 million during 2019-2022 as an employee of a medical company.

According to media reports, Putin’s younger daughter Katerina used to write Putin’s election speeches earlier. In the 2018 elections, she also took charge of Putin’s election campaign.

Katerina is a rock-n-roll dancer and is quite popular on YouTube. In 2013, she married Krill Shamalov, son of Putin’s arch enemy Nikolai Shamalov. Nikolai is the co-owner of Russia’s largest bank Rossiya Bank. She was married to Russian resident Krill Shamalov. However, Bloomberg News claimed in 2018 that the two had divorced.

Putin’s younger daughter Katerina is a rock-n-roll dancer and is quite popular on YouTube. (File)

According to Western media reports, Katerina also has a boyfriend named Igor Zelensky with whom she has a daughter. Igor Zelensky is a dancer. He lives in Munich, Germany. In 2022, a German media house claimed that Katerina had gone to Munich to meet him 50 times between 2018-2019.

Putin’s elder daughter Maria Vorontsova married a Dutch businessman Jorrit Faassen. However, in 2022, there was news in the Western media that they had got divorced. This has not been officially confirmed yet.

Putin and Lyudmila got divorced in 2013. (File)

Vladimir Putin married Lyudmila Ocheretnaya in 1983. Maria and Katerina are both children of Putin and Lyudmila. Putin and Lyudmila got divorced in 2013. The Kremlin has not confirmed this till date. However, Putin has not officially married after this.

The world had no information about these two daughters of Putin. Alexei Navalny had revealed this for the first time in 2015. However, Putin has never accepted that his two daughters are Maria and Katerina. Putin had accepted for the first time in 2015 that he is the father of two children. He had said in an interview that he has two daughters who work in science and education fields. However, he never revealed their identity.

Putin once said in an interview that he never wants to talk about his family. He said that his family has nothing to do with politics and business.

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