Beijing, China’s Capital receives heaviest rainfall broke records of 140 years, 20 dead

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Rescue workers wade through floodwaters after remnants of Typhoon Doksuri brought rains and floods in Beijing, China August 2, 2023. (Image Credits: Reuters)

Beijing, China’s Capital receives heaviest rainfall broke records of 140 years, 20 dead

Beijing, China’s capital receives heaviest rainfall on 2nd August 2023, which broke the record of last 140 years. The rainfall in the northern plain is only 600mm a year, which has exceeded 700mm in the past three days. The heaviest rain in 140 years.

There was this crazy amount of rain for a few days, causing big floods and landslides that sadly killed at least 25 people and hurt a lot more. The news says that the city got soaked with more than 15 inches of rain since Sunday – that’s the most rain they’ve seen since way back in 1961!

All this rain made rivers and reservoirs fill up like crazy, and it made so many people have to leave their homes really quickly because it wasn’t safe. The big bosses in charge of Beijing went into super emergency mode. They sent out a bunch of brave folks to help with rescues and gave them all the gear they needed to do their jobs.

What Authorities said:

The mayor of Beijing, Chen Jining, had some important things to say. He called this whole rain thing a super rare event, like it only happens once every hundred years. The rain messed up a bunch of stuff in the city, like roads and things people need. Mayor Chen Jining told everyone to be really careful and not go out unless they had to. He promised they’d fix things up and get everything back to normal as fast as they could. He also said they’re going to work extra hard to stop the spread of a virus while they clean up the mess from the floods.

Other Locations

Severe flooding triggered by days of heavy rain has submerged roads and fields in Mentougou, a rural suburb of China‘s capital Beijing. At least 11 people have been killed with 13 still missing amidst historic rainfall in China’s capital as per news sources.

Due to one of the strongest storms to hit China on 1st August, Doksuri got a road to collapse in a village in Beijing’s Fangshan district, as authorities on Monday warned residents not to go outside due to record rainfall.

Due to heavy rainfall following the typhoons, several cities have suffered significant loss of life and property.

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