Medullan Achieves HITRUST CSF® Certification to Manage Risk, Improve Security Posture and Meet Compliance Requirements to Support the Needs of Digital Health

July 10, 2018

Medullan, a digital health firm that designs and builds both custom and platform solutions that achieve high rates of adoption in the payer, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries, today announced that its VARA platform infrastructure has earned Certified Status for information security by the Health Information Trust (HITRUST) Alliance. With the HITRUST CSF Certified status, Medullan has met the requirements for protecting and securing the sensitive private health care information of its clients (and their end users) with regard to both of its operating divisions:  Medullan’s Consulting division, for custom digital health strategy, design and development Medullan’s VARA Platform Solution’s division, including the VARA Platform/Software-as-a-Solution offerings and supporting infrastructure to support the rapid development and deployment of both custom solutions and third-party integrations. This achievement...

Swoogo experiences second growth spurt since its launch in 2015

July 10, 2018

Swoogo Inc. (), the event marketing tech start-up formed by event industry veterans, Leonora Valvo and Tim Cummins, experienced a second growth spurt since its launch in 2015 while increasing its footprint in the SaaS & B2B Event Marketing industry. The cloud-based platform, designed to solve event management challenges for event marketers in media/publishing firms, corporates, agencies & associations has seen significant growth with 80% more customers, more than 1.5m attendee registrations processed through the platform and doubled team size within 12 months. The company, with team members based in the US & United Kingdom, invested extensively in additional management, new hires, and promotions within the team. Michael Sabani (previously SignUp4), who has been with the company since early 2016, steps into the newly formed role of Director, Brand Experience, taking an active strategic approach to... Expands to Japan & Beyond

July 12, 2018

With new additions to team and growth of our network, we have increased our global presence to an unprecedented level. This trend continues, as we welcome Jenny Lalawmpuii to our ever growing team. But this isn't just the usual team growth story. Her multilingual capabilities and knowledge of the Japanese language make her a pivotal member as we expand our global serviced apartments network into the new territory of Japan. She certainly knows her stuff as she mentions that: “Japan is a place that invokes miracles of encounters, excitement and experience. The Japanese culture fascinates me, the food, the kimono (traditional dress), the manners, the traditions and their work ethics. They value their origin and their interest in their folk culture is transcendental. They are no doubt the most punctual people I have ever encountered with.” As to her new role at, she is geared up...

BitRewards Announces Partnership with OSA Decentralized

July 11, 2018

, the blockchain-based rewards and loyalty system for e-commerce businesses, announces a partnership with — an AI-driven blockchain platform that collects and analyzes data from retailers, manufacturers, consumers, and open data sources in real-time. The pursued strategy will help both companies to shape the future of the retail market. OSA is an acronym for optimal shelf availability — a standard term in the retail industry that refers to the immediate availability of all the relevant goods on a retailer’s shelves at any moment in time. The retail industry loses $400 billion in sales annually from product shortages and understocked inventory. But it is just a part of the problem. The problem itself is even more diverse because retailers and product brands either may suffer negative consequences of stock-outs indirectly; for instance, they may feel the effects in the 55% of shoppers who report having given a negative social media review...


July 10, 2018

Senior management from the world’s leading digital marketing companies will come together for a new, four-day executive learning conference,  Aug, 6-9, 2018 in Brooklyn.  Marketing experts from Google, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Giphy, and more than twenty digital technology companies will share insights, innovations, and best practices as part of ™, a conference aimed at helping C-Suite executives get current, be inspired, and make better marketing decisions.The program has been designed to maximize the amount of valuable content shared and offer an unmatched breadth and depth of content to conference delegates. The brightest minds across podcasting, micro-influencers, AI Chatbots, Visual Search, Gamification, Dynamic/Programmatic Creative, Blockchain Marketing and more will present. The knowledge learned at DigitaLatest, will help marketers improve their ROI, resonate more with consumers, and better utilize the unique capabilities &...


July 10, 2018

  On the occasion of the visit of United States Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross to Ghana, the Ensign College of Public Health announces the launch of the Schumpeter Center for Innovation and Development. The Schumpeter Center is a significant new addition to the innovation and entrepreneurship capacity of West Africa, one of the fastest-growing regional economies in the world. Ensign College President Steve Alder and Schumpeter Center Executive Director Gabrielle Gay briefed Secretary Ross on plans for the Center to become a vital innovation hub and driver of international trade and collaboration in West Africa, and the secretary underscored the importance of the Center’s mission. “There are few sectors as important to Ghana and to Africa as public health,” Secretary Ross said, “and even fewer sectors in which innovation can have so much impact. Bravo!” The Center is launching with a mission to expand economic...

EagleBank funding Gramercy District - A Smart City of the Future

July 09, 2018

EagleBank is providing funding to Gramercy District to move forward with the highly anticipated smart city development. “We have been working with Minh Le on the Gramercy District project from the beginning and are proud to participate in this pioneering smart city located in Loudoun County, VA.” commented Tony Marquez, Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer - Commercial Real Estate, “This modern holistic approach to development where a project of this size is fully entitled is a testament to the quality of the smart initiative’s planning and management.” Gramercy District is a premiere mixed-use development located at the Ashburn Metro Station just two and a half miles from Dulles Airport and is scheduled to open ConceptFoundry “The Innovation Lab” in 2019 and NeonLofts in 2020, two of the ten planned buildings. The mixed-use transit-oriented project totals 2.5MM square feet that delivers urban-suburban experiences;...

Immortality Meets the Blockchain. ANKHlabs Announces Blockchain-Based Immortality Platform Pre-ICO

July 10, 2018

a ground-breaking technology that uses the power of the blockchain and AI to make immortality a digital reality, announces its Pre-Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to interested contributors today.  The platform, BeANKH, melds artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technology to add immutability to digital immortality, allowing users to preserve and share their essential traits and personality long after their physical death. The technology replicates human thinking algorithms, decision-making patterns, and psycho-emotional attitudes to model behavior that seemingly extends the life and actions of a person after death. BeANKH uses smart contracts and artificial intelligence algorithms to create a person’s digital copy. The digital personality is securely preserved on a blockchain. While alive, the person’s perfect digital copy will act as a digital assistant, like a personal Siri or Alexa, but with no third-party interference....

Dealing with Probation Violations

July 26, 2018

When a person is convicted of a crime a common outcome is they are put on probation. Probation is a period of time in which a person is under court supervision. The person will have many requirements such as educational classes, community service, and drug testing. Probation is the alternative to jail. When a person fails to complete probation requirements, the judge will haul them back into court. The stakes are high in these situations. The person could face jail or prison time for a probation violation. This article provides some guidance for dealing with probation and probation violations. When You Are First Put on Probation I always tell people to try and complete as many probation requirements as soon as they are put on probation. Don’t procrastinate. If the judge orders you to do forty hours of community service, try to knock out the hours as soon as possible. People are busy, with work, family, and other commitments. Waiting until...

Marijuana Law Updates from ArborYpsi Law

July 21, 2018

What’s on the horizon for the marijuana laws in Michigan? Big changes may be coming soon. Here’s a look at a few changes that might happen. Recreational Use and Possession of Marijuana Michigan voters will go to the polls in next November to decide if marijuana use and possession will be legal for recreational use. About ten years ago, medical marijuana was decided by a vote of 63% of the voters, an overwhelming majority, so pro-marijuana advocates are hopeful for the passage of recreational marijuana. The new law would allow possession in public of up to 2.5 ounces, and up 10 ounces at home. No marijuana use would be allowed in public. Individual communities get to make the call on whether dispensaries can operate in their township or city. Driving After Smoking Currently, it is against the law to drive with any amount of active THC in your system. This holds even if you are not affected by the marijuana. For medical marijuana...

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